1961 5.1.2 & SUBWOOFER 1S – HEIMKINO

INSIDER TIP! Value for money: Excellent Result: Outstanding ARENDAL SOUND 1961 SERIES: DYNAMIC HOME CINEMA SOUND The Norwegian manufacturer Arendal has repeatedly received excellent test ratings for its extremely dynamic sounding 1723 series loudspeakers. With the new 1961 series, Arendal now offers the proven technology and thrilling sound of the 1723 models at a remarkably [...]

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1961 7.1.2 & SUBWOOFER 1S – FWD

SLIM HOME THEATER SYSTEM Recommended. The Norwegian startup Arendal has completed its model range with a series which fits best in not too large rooms - 1961. By Jamie Biesemans. Read the original review HERE. The Norwegian Arendal managed to convince last year with the 1723 surround speakers. This year, with the 1961 series, it presents [...]

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1961 7.1.2 & SUBWOOFER 1S – HEMMABIO

BEST BUY! Choosing their own roads The Norwegian startup Arendal has completed its model range with a series which fits best in not too large rooms - 1961. By Magnus Fredholm. Read the original review in Swedish HERE. - Awesome build quality - Exceptional cinema sound - Flexible system Arendals first speaker series, 1723, works now [...]

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ARENDAL SOUND BRIDGES THE GAP     "It takes little time at all to realise this system is pretty special. It's a revealing, full-range performance..."   Home Cinema Choice says "Entry-level for Arendal, but by no means a budget setup, the 1961 Series offers well balanced, dynamic and revealing sonics. Buyers won't be [...]

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1961 SERIES EISA AWARD 2020-2021

BEST PRODUCT - HOME THEATRE SPEAKER SYSTEM 2020-2021 "Arendal Sound’s new entry-level range leverages technology from its flagship 1723 Series, but adds tricks of its own, including the company’s first height channel speaker and a new Avalanche IQ amplifier platform with parametric EQ on its sealed and ported subwoofers. System builders are well catered for [...]

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1961 5.1 & SUBWOOFER 1S – STEREO+

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! MYE MORO FOR MINDRE PENGER   Arendal leverer mesterlig Av Håvard Holmedal. Les hele testen HER. Arendal Sound fortsetter der de slapp, og har laget et høyttaler- system hvor det mest åpenbare kompromisset er størrelsen på høyttalerne. Kabinetter og elementer er fortsatt av høy kvalitet, og du glemmer umiddelbart at dette er ganske [...]

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1723 TOWER THX 5.0 – Tha_VillaMan

"These speakers are insane" Full review Unboxing "I got my hands on some insane speakers. The Arendal Sound 1723 THX certified speakers. They may be some of the best looking speakers I've seen in a while, and I'm going to see if they sound as good as they look for home theater and for music. [...]

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Fun worth of the weight The heaviest model of Norwegian Arendal's speaker lineup, 1723 Tower THX, is full about audial fun worth of every kilogram of it's mass. Even though it looks quite an ogre, deep down it's surprisingly eloquent speaker. Keeping this in mind, the model's price tag of 3 000 euros doesn't seem [...]

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - STEREO+ PLAYFUL AND THRILLING By Håvard Holmedal, Stereo+ (Read original review in Norwegian here). It appears that Arendal is in a good trend. The subwoofer still stands very good in the market, and their 1723 series have been installed in many hi-fi systems and home theaters both in Norway and internationally. Now, however, it [...]

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"1723 Tower S THX seems like its made to play loud and powerful, nevertheless it shows itself to be a refined loudspeaker with great detailing, and it’s midbass and heavy deep bass makes it one of really few full-range loudspeakers you can buy for under 30.000,- NOK (3.000 EUR). The loudspeaker plays almost all the [...]

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